If I return an item, do I need to pay postage?

Whether you get a shipping refund depends on the reason you are returning the item.

If you bought the wrong product, or if you don’t want the item you bought any longer, you will need to pay the postage.

However, if we sent you a wrong/faulty item, or if the item stops working within two years from the purchase date, we’ll refund your shipping costs.

Please send us your receipt of postage paid. N.B. In order to be eligible for a shipping refund, you need to choose the most cost-effective carrier which, in most cases, is the national postal service of your country.

Don’t forget to provide your bank details, to enable us to credit your account.
If the faulty item is oversize or exceeds postal weight limits please 
get in touch so that we can work out a mutually agreeable shipping method.